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PriceFrom $7.00

Kombucah hibiscus herbal tea,  strawberries, ginger root and a touch of our own raw organic honey


What size should I buy?



  • This quantity is good for drinking at one sitting, but is also enough propbiotic to make a 3 day regimen from.


Wine Bottle

  • 750ml is wine bottle size. It comes to almost 26oz, and is good for a dinner party for four, or 4-5 days of probiotic regimen



  • 64oz growler lasts for as long as your craving allows, or for an 11 day probiotic regimen


Growlr w/ Rinse and Return

  • Same size as the standard growler, but with the empty returned!
  •  My Goodness! Kombucha does the 2nd ferment right in the bottle. So everything in the bottle has been fermented. This means it would last just as long as your pickles or sauerkraut would in your refrigerator. Fermentation is a natural preservative

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